Is someone at your door with an “Anton Piller” order?

If someone is at your door insisting they are allowed to come in because they have a search order – you need urgent help.

Australian Courts sometimes issue search orders (also known as “Anton Piller” orders). They are unusual and extremely powerful. You can be in contempt of Court if you don’t obey the order. The orders permit people to enter your home or work, to search it, and to take away documents, computers and other items. They are often enforced at odd hours and always by surprise. If someone is on your doorstep now with such an order insisting that they be permitted to enter, you have the right to get independent legal advice before they enter.

We can give you advice urgently and manage the situation.

Call our 24 hour number of +61 3 9600-1939 and ask to speak to a lawyer urgently. We have executed these search orders, and assisted on the receiving end of them, so we know what to do.

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