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Director of concreting company turning over $50 million

Altus Lawyers helped with
- Managing fallout from fraud
-Appointing administrator
- Handling investigations

Prior to engaging Altus there was a large amount of uncertainty in my situation and the possibility for a resolution. As my situation had the potential to affect a large amount of people I had a high degree of anxiety especially because the situation was so foreign to me. I was extremely fearful of a negative outcome and this was the catalyst to me engaging Altus.


Upon engaging Altus, I had an initial consultation with Brendan. We spoke at length about my situation and the possible avenues moving forward. Brendan put a plan in place and quickly moved to action it. It was at this stage that I was introduced to Phillip who, along with Brendan always had my interests front of mind. They both genuinely cared about me and my issues and how this affected the people around me. They were personal and available throughout the entire ordeal.


Much of the conversation that was had early on rang true throughout the entire process with our desired outcome achieved amongst a changing situation.


Engaging Brendan and his team at Altus provided not only the desired outcome but an extremely positive outlook on a scenario which initially seemed so bleak. Their positivity throughout instilled a confidence in their process and their ability to achieve my goals.

- Director of concreting company

Chairman, CEO and Managing director of ASX listed company

Altus Lawyers helped with
- Dealing with shareholder demands
-Advising on legal position
- Negotiating exit agreement

I engaged Altus to represent me concerning a Separation Agreement from my employer.  I am a US citizen, residing in the US, and was Chairman, Managing Director and CEO of an ASX listed company that was headquartered in the US.  My employment contract was with the Australian Parent and based on Australian form and law.  Given my lack of knowledge and understanding of Australian law and process I was introduced to Altus, specifically Brendan Swift, and engaged the firm to represent me.  I was very concerned about the legal problem, issues and process and needed very good representation and guidance.  I found that in Brendan and Altus.  The support and guidance was superb.  They responded quickly by phone or electronically no matter the time given the significant time differences between the US and Australia.


What was most impressive to me was the time, attention and effort Altus put in to explain everything to me, answer my very detailed and numerous questions and help we deal with what I had assumed would be a relatively simple process.  Unfortunately the issues turned into a complicated and challenging set of negotiations.  Brendan and his team at Altus listened to my concerns and provided consistent, open and honest guidance and counsel.  A key point in the negotiations came up which required some specific legal review and advice from Altus.  It was provided in a straight-forward manner that I could understand, given my unfamiliarity with Australian law.  This allowed me to make an informed decision as to how to proceed.  Brendan listened to my concerns and issues, provided legal guidance and allowed me to make the ultimate decision.  I appreciated that very much.


While I had no knowledge of Brendan or Altus before this matter, for someone considering engaging the firm, I can only highly recommend them.  The legal support and guidance was superb, they listened extremely well to my issues and concerns and they provided invaluable guidance to me in a timely manner. At the end of this process the outcome for both parties was satisfactory and I have made a friend in Brendan and his firm. 

Chairman, CEO and Managing director of ASX listed company

Registered liquidator

Altus Lawyers helped with
- Preference claims
-Creditor negotiations
- General insolvency advice

Brendan and the team at Altus have a unique ability to get to the essence of a dispute, analyse it, then provide succinct advice in simple terms to enable the client to make informed decisions about the best way to proceed and the costs associated with each option.  


As such I never experience “bill shock”. 


I have no hesitation in recommending someone to Altus knowing that they will take care of the referred client and the referred trust that comes with it.

Registered liquidator and partner of insolvency accounting firm.

Directors of software company in dispute with Government entities

Altus Lawyers helped with
- Analysing contractual position
- Planning strategic approach
- Negotiating and executing deed of settlement

It is with pleasure that we write this client testimonial for and on behalf of Altus Lawyers. Brendan and Phillip, thank you both for your continued guidance during this legal process which resulted in a successful outcome for all parties.



From the outset, you provided us with professional, structured and logical advice. Importantly to your firms credit (which lies at the heart of your firm’s core value of integrity) you encouraged us to seek an amicable resolution rather than pursue an arduous legal battle which is what could easily have happened.



Importantly your team provided us with the tools, empowering us to confidently move the process forward at key milestones.



You were both exceptionally responsive to our urgent needs when required, often taking calls before/after hours and drawing on your combined depth of experience we were always one step ahead. We were able to anticipate their next move and quickly navigate potential roadblocks.



Ultimately this enabled both parties to reach mutual agreement and tidy this matter up in a very short turn around time.



What’s really great is that both parties actually walked away with mutual respect for one another and there’s every chance our commercial relationship may even prosper because of the way this whole affair was handled.

Directors of software company in dispute with Government entities

Owner and director of authorised loan broking business in dispute with licensor and business partner

Altus Lawyers helped with
- Negotiating exit from institutional broking agreement and dealing with business partner
- Executing strategy of preserving loan trail book in circumstances of loss of licence
- Negotiating on-sale of loan trail book

I became a client as a result of a complicated commercial dispute that involved a major ASX company ‘pulling the strings’ of the other party. 


I was recommended Brendan, as he specialises in dealing with complicated cases. I even get the feeling that the more complicated, the better, as far as he is concerned!



Within an hour of engaging Brendan, he acted as a short-circuit in stopping the other party from endlessly bombarding me with calls and emails. It was a weight lifted off my shoulders, and although a very stressful throughout (and at time s I resigned myself to losing everything) it was a relief to have someone very experienced on my side.



The old adage that “you get what you pay for” rings true. In fact, my only other experience with a solicitor (who incidentally charged the same hourly rate) was akin to comparing a QC to a junior conveyancer.



Brendan’s attention to detail is second-to-none. I commented to him recently how glad I was
that he consistently sought only my best interests throughout, even when I thought I should
waive rights (which at the time seemed insignificant) which later proved critical. I feel that I am
in the secure position that I am now, in large part due to the efforts of Brendan.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Brendan, to anyone in need of an expert commercial lawyer.

Owner and director of authorised loan broking business in dispute with licensor and business partner

Privately owned lighting company

Altus Lawyers helped with
- Defending litigation by a shareholder
- Dealing with events outside the litigation
- Mediating complex resolution

If you want to turn a potentially stressful situation into a one where you have clarity, feel supported and part of a strong, dynamic and potent team, engage Altus.


The fact is that Brendan has an extraordinary ability to dissect complex legal issues and explain the consequences to the average person, whist all the time having a gifted understanding of human nature. He provides clear, relevant advice so your decision making is objective and well informed.


The entire Altus team were a pleasure to work with and have a unique ability to make you feel at ease. Even though we had two lawyers on our matter it felt like we had the entire office working for us.

- CEO of lighting company

Private client

I was quite overwhelmed and uncertain about how to proceed with my legal problem prior to engaging with Altus. 


I found Brendan, Phil and the team to be very professional, and also respectful of my position and contributions to make on the matter; I trusted their advice and it was such a relief to hand over the reigns in navigating the legal system and determining our approach. 


Should you require the services of legal professionals, I would definitely recommend Phil, and Altus lawyers to assist.

- Private Client

Private client

My normal lawyers were unable to help me due to a conflict of interest but they recommended Altus hands down (so a competitor recommends them!). 


Nonetheless i was REALLY pleased to meet Phillip and unlike a lot of Solicitors he took time (without wasting it) and ours is a complex set of terms which he really got his head around, and fast. 


I was very happy with the charges (not cheap but you get what you pay for here) and the support, assistance and proposed solutions throughout the process. 


Even the billing process, very open and before they raise an invoice they check all items with you. Very professional.

- Director, private client

Private client

My legal matter was of a contract nature and I wanted to ensure that the advice I received was simply the best. I was dealing with a corporate entity and had to make sure that my position, as an individual, was protected not only for me but my family.


With this in mind I had no reservations in taking this matter to Altus Lawyers who provided the best technical and legal advice.

In any business dealings you have it matters that you can trust the people you deal with. The professionalism and engagement shown by the team at Altus provided me with a level of assurance and satisfaction that I was seeking in this very major event in my business and personal life. This was made clear to me in a particular dealing that was had with the other side’s legal advisor who, being a large law firm, provided sub-per advice to their client.


 I would highly recommend anyone who is seeking professional, technical and courteous service to engage Altus Lawyers for any commercial legal matter.

- Director, private client
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