Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. But we won’t.

While we are licenced and can do all legal work, we will not work in areas that are not within our expertise.

If we think we can’t give you the best legal answer, we can refer you to someone with expertise and who can work with people.

Sometimes part of a legal problem requires special skills. We can also arrange for another lawyer to look after this part of the work as a team with us.

There will be no charges for any initial consultation without your agreement. 

Where it is possible, we will give you a price. For most disputes, it is not possible to precisely predict the course the dispute will take. What we can tell you is that our online Dashboards will give you the maximum transparency possible on what we are doing and the cost of the work. Work is based on a strategic plan agreed up front with you. 

Wherever possible, Court is avoided due to its inflexibility. Sometimes however, there can be good reasons to invoke the Court as part of the resolution of a dispute. 

For the most part we invoice monthly. We always send you a draft invoice for your comment first to check that it is within expectations. 

None. We pride ourselves on converting the complicated and jargon-filled language of the law into simple terms that anyone can understand. We have been sometimes asked to explain what a lawyer’s letter of advice means to a client as they did not understand anything that was said. We check back on what we are explaining to make sure you understand. Every question will be answered before you have to make any decision.

Sometimes a dispute needs specialised advice because of some unusual and complicated element. Barristers are a great source of specialised legal advice. We frequently recommend their engagement as our matters are usually complex – but not always. Third party engagements are not limited to barristers – we engage forensic accountants, forensic computer specialists, valuers and a vast array of other niche areas of knowledge. All engagements come after you have agreed, and the purpose of the engagement is clear. 

No problem. We can meet by video or phone. All documents can be obtained electronically, including email archives. We can come to you and we can meet outside hours. 

No. Ethically, we cannot do so. Sometimes there can be conflicts between corporate entities and their directors and shareholders. Our approach is to act for as few parties as possible to ensure the possibility of any conflict of interest is minimised. 

We will keep you up to date in the way you want. If you want text, WhatsApp, WeChat or any other messaging platform – we will use that. We are driven by technology and are set up to communicate in the way you prefer. 

All our documents are electronically produced and stored (including letters, Court documents, and accounting system). We use document scanning companies to convert your paper into electronic form, and where a matter benefits from it, we upload all those documents to the Everlaw platform, accessible 24 hours a day to you and us. We use the Microsoft suite of programs, Microsoft Teams,, LEAP, Dropbox, and other social media messaging pipes.   

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