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Altus Lawyers is a niche Australian legal firm specialising in the resolution of sensitive and difficult matters. We are committed to clarity in everything that we do. This commitment forms the core of all our business practices and client relationships. We provide transparency in the way we communicate; transparency with costs; and transparency of the challenges in any dispute.

Our commitment to clarity ensures that you will always have a clear picture of your case via your personalised Online Dashboard, accessible 24/7 and details all aspects of your case at a glance.


Almost any commercial dispute involves multiple areas of law, and complex interactions between those areas. Browse through some of the legal territory we have expertise in below. 


Corporate Disagreements

When business owners cannot agree on making critical business decisions together as a team, it can feel like everything is out of control. Read how we can help.


Regulatory Investigations

Corporate regulators have extensive powers of information collection. You and your business have legal rights when they come knocking. Read how we can help.


Land &
Real Estate Issues

Land is a source of wealth and security, and people can have competing rights over land leading to disputes. Read how we can help.   


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

There are many weapons available in the dispute resolution arsenal, including the resource intensive option of going to Court. Read how we can help. 



When businesses experience cash crunches, a large number of people can be affected. Time is of the essence in dealing with the problem.  Read how we can help.


Trust Law

Trust law imposes high standards of conduct on those who have obligations to manage assets for the benefit of others. Read how we can help.

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