Insolvency affects shareholders, directors, employees, suppliers and customers. And usually it all happens very quickly, with one event cascading into another and parties with competing rights taking action to protect their own interests.

We have acted for many different parties to protect and advance their interests. For example:

  • The company in financial trouble
  • The directors (obliged to take decisions in the best interests of the company)
  • Goods and machinery suppliers (who have supplied equipment and may have recovery rights)
  • Services suppliers (owed debts, and may be able to exert leverage for continuing to supply to keep essential services going)
  • Suppliers (who may be exposed as being unpaid creditors)
  • Suppliers (who may be exposed as being unpaid creditors);
  • Financiers (who have to take quick action to secure charged assets)
  • Individuals facing financial crisis
  • Customers (with incomplete jobs and urgent deadlines of their own)
  • Insolvency professionals – administrators, liquidators and mortgagees through many different insolvency scenarios
  • Individuals subject to mandatory examinations by insolvency professionals

Not acting quickly can disadvantage you as much as not taking any action at all.

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