Trust Law

Trusts are very common in Australian law and are an important part of asset planning for those in business. There is a large body of law which regulates what can, and cannot, be done. Due to their close connection to business affairs, it can be easy for trustees to make decisions which, while they may make commercial sense, may leave them exposed to legal claims for breach of trust.

We can help trustees discharge their duties properly and without criticism. If specialised tax advice is needed, we can bring experts into the team to help manage those matters.

If you are a beneficiary of a trust, you will be affected if the trustee does the wrong thing by all unitholders, or perhaps just even only you.  then we can help if you think you the trustee has done the wrong thing, either by you, or by the trust generally. Sometimes beneficiary have large credit loan accounts that they are not aware of

We have acted for:

  • Individual trustees
  • Corporate trustees
  • Trust unitholders
  • Discretionary beneficiaries of trusts
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